This page is for Real Estate Agents getting started using the “Home Builders Network” WordPress Plug-in.


What is “Home Builders Network” Plugin?

HBN plugin works similar to how your  (MLS) Multiple Listing Service work in that a master list of new construction house plans with pricing is entered into our main database.  Then after you install and activate your HBN plug-in on your own WordPress website you will get a full feed of new construction house plans and pricing for your local area.


Who can use this plug-in and how much does it cost?

HBN will only activate state approved licensed real estate agents that meet state rules and code of ethic classes.  The plug-in is FREE to use and does not require you to enter any payment method, there is a Pro version that offers a few extra features for a small monthly fee.


Is this best for a home buyer?

Absolutely yes and it’s like no other offering in the market. The consumer can view hundreds of popular house plans that have current pricing.  This pricing is transparent so every builder is the same price and is competing to offer the consumer the best service.  After 30 years of experience HBN staff develops house plans with less waste, offers special buyers group pricing and fine tunes the take-off material list so no overspending is being done saving the consumer thousands. HBN then places standard margins for profit based on data collect from the National Home Builder Association.

What happens if I don't have a WordPress website yet?

WordPress is the world's most popular content management system powering 34% of all websites on the internet and has 60.9% market share in the CMS, content management system market.  WordPress is a free open source platform to build your own real estate website that you will own no matter which company under. Click link below to learn step by step how to make your own website or ask someone to do it for you in the HBN- Agent Facebook support group.


Complete the Sign-up process to get access.

Complete the simple online digital contract by entering your info.  Allow a few hours for a HBN staff member  to confirm you're a licensed real estate agent and send you a invite / welcome email with the downloadable file & activation code.

How to install the Plugin.

  1. You need to download the plug-in if you haven’t already done so. Your download link was in your HBN approval email with your Activation code or you can get it here.  This download is a zip file like all WordPress plugins so save it at a location you can find it.
  2. In your WordPress dashboard select Plugins --> Add New
  3. On the Add Plug-in page at the top left select “Upload Plugin”.
  4. The top half of screen will change giving you a place to upload. Select “Browse” button and located the HBN zip file you downloaded and then select “Install Now”
  5. Once it Installed successfully you now have to find the plugin “Home Builders Network” in the WordPress plugins list and select “Activate”
  6. Once the plugin is activated you will find in the dashboard side menu the “Home Builders Network” You need to select this and if you have not installed the Activation Key Code yet then that screen will pop up asking for your Activation Key Code which was sent by email as part of your HBN approval email.
  7. Once the correct Keycode is activated you will see the Home Builders Network with three tabs Start be entering info about yourself in the “Agent Detail” tab. The “Basic option” Tab allows you to make changes to the plugins function including color settings.  The “Pro Version” offers extra features that some agents might like but are not required.


How to starting using this Plugin.

The HBN plugin offers three main screens that the consumer will interact with.  They are the “New Construction Search Filter” box, The “Results” page and the “Property detail page”.  To get started you need to place the “New Construction Search Filter” box on your site so the consumer can find and is often found on the “Home Page” and in the main menu bar. Once that is in place and used the “Results” and “Property Detail” pages will show after perform a search.

Below is just some of the ways you can place the new construction search filter into your site.

  1. WordPress widgets and place HBN-Search into a page.
  2. Use the short code hbn-listing-search-form but must be put inside of the [ ] symbols and placed in a text area.  You can also copy this short code from the Agent--> Basic Options tab.

Pro Tip: in the HBN plug-in under the “Basic Options” tab you can click on the box to show a third party MLS Search Filter to show your normal existing MLS listings in the same search filter box as the new construction by placing your third party MLS search short code into the data filed “MLS Search Filter Widget Short Code”

You may also want to show result pages in many places or your site. Here is how:

  1. Often used in the main menu section go to the WordPress Dashboard  select Appearance, Then Menu, Then Select Custom Links and in the Url place  and then name the Link Text New Construction or House Plans and click add to menu.
  2. Placing a defined style, type, price range or limit the number of house is great SEO work when building out website landing pages. This can be done in the Pro Version tab at the bottom labeled “Short Code Generator” After Clicking on the House Icon you can define exactly what results of homes you want to see and it will create a short code that can then be placed anywhere in your site.  Common use is to add in a website page full of text and place four results of a type of house you may be talking about in between paragraphs.


Support and best practices.

Because this is a free plugin we do not offer free help directly but do respond and share guidance as do other participants in our private Facebook group “Home Builder Network – Real Estate Agents”.  If you are not already in this group please send in a request to join directly from Facebook.


I have consumers interested, What do I do?

If you have consumers that wants to interview builders to move forward in the building process then you would have them fill out the “HBN – Buyers Agreement” and send directly to HBN.  Within two business days or less the agent will receive a list of the most current HBN home builders in the area.  HBN - Buyers Agreement can be found in the form section of the Service Partners page located in the footer section of this website.