Builders – Are you ready to make your life simple again?

Tired of not having the perfect plan, is it getting old pricing out homes for days to find out the client changed their mind again, are you spending too much time chasing buyers,  does it overwhelm you having to understand social marketing, pay per click and seo.


The HBN software offers builders hundreds of house plans already priced out for your market area.  We then teamed up with thousands of real estate agents to display new construction homes in all sixty eight counties of Florida creating a web presence no builder could ever do.   The key to it all is we created a master database of every phase of the construction right down to the door stops. Then we fine-tuned a material/labor take off for each home that cross referenced the pricing for each county creating a final building price.  Once you report a change in price like a sheet of plywood went up .28 cents more, it updates hundreds of house plans and options instantly.   


We created the most efficient home building process allowing you to make more money in less time and the consumers can buy for lower than your competition.


HBN will offer roughly five builders per county the option to join our system. You can still build your normal business of homes and just add us to increase sales or allow us to help you with all your new home build jobs.  This is not a franchise; we are offering a software marketing solution to owners that offer quality, affordable new construction homes in a timely manner.

HBN Approved Builder

FREE Yearly Membership - Requires Approval
  • Normally $99 Yearly - Special Rate FREE - Limited Time!
  • Detailed line items material/labor take off for each home.
  • Hundreds of homes styles and sizes already priced out.
  • Private friendly Builders social networking.
  • Buyers group special buying power.
  • Increased profit – Decreased stress
  • You must meet the following qualification to be considered:
  • • Licensed Home Builder / General Contractor in Florida.
  • • Pass a new Construction lenders background checks.
  • • Show proof of adequate Quality Experience.
  • • Receive favorable feedback from buyers and agents.