New Construction Lender Request To Join HBN.

Our HBN WordPress plugin allows Real Estate Agents to display new construction house plans that could be displayed on their own website domain name.  During the new construction house plan search the detail page of each house plan shows a new construction lender as part of the info.  Agents have no control on the lender displayed.  HBN will choose who gets displayed based on the following conditions:

  • Lender must offer new construction loan services locally at fair prices.
  • Lender must be in good standing with local builders.
  • Lender must process loans and draws in a industry standard time frame.
  • Lender must pay a marketing fee to HBN.

A single lender will be displayed on the house plans detail page based on either the lender is the default lender for county area or a lender teamed up with an individual real estate agent but still meets the above requirements.

Because we can only choose one default lender per county to display without confusing the consumer, HBN's choice is based on the following algorithm.

  • Have they been successful in the past with HBN.
  • The minimum down payment & closing cost compared to the competition. 
  • The amount of time it takes to process a draw request.
  • How lender performs based on Quality Control surveys from, consumer, builder and real estate agents.

Per Website

$20.00 per Month
  • Single Agents Website (Replaces Default Lender)

Default County Areas

As Low AS $2 Per Agent Website Monthly
  • $200/mthly -- Websites w/matching default price area 0-100
  • $1,000/mthly -- Websites w/matching default price area 101-500
  • $4,000/mthly -- Websites w/matching default price area 501-2000
  • $8,000/mthly -- Websites w/matching default price area 2001-4000